Dear Families,

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Midwinter February Break! A few important reminders and updates for March:
  • PTC Fast is up and running for March conferences. Please sign up using the code GV11267793. I look forward to meeting with each of you!
  • We will be having our Wingspan Showcase on Friday, March 8th at 8:30 AM in the auditorium. We hope you are able to attend!
In reading and writing, we will be focusing our attention on test prep while continuing our reading and writing curriculum simultaneously. Students will continue to meet and read in historical fiction book clubs during reading workshop and will be analyzing and interpreting their historical fiction texts through writing about reading in their reader’s notebooks and through their book club discussions. Students will continue their practice of using evidence to support their thinking throughout their work in their clubs. In writing workshop, we will be continuing our work on essay by focusing on the literary essay and writing essays based on short stories and texts. The students will continue to use a boxes and bullets structure in this writing and will work on picking their best evidence to support their thinking in these essays.
Focusing specifically on test prep, Donna and I will continue to work together to plan and cover all areas of test prep, beginning with fiction and transitioning to nonfiction. We have also begun our work on writing for short response questions and will continue this work throughout the month of March while also spending time on the extended response question. At home, please be sure that your child is completing the test prep homework every night. You can encourage students to be rereading and referring back to the text when answering multiple choice questions and thinking about evidence that best proves or supports their answer when writing short or extended response questions. It is imperative that students are completing this work at home as it reinforces the skills we are developing in class.
In Math, we are continuing our work around fractions and are beginning to discuss addition and subtraction of fractions. We will stay in our fractions unit for much of March, developing deeply the students understanding of what each part of a fraction represents and how to manipulate fractions in order to add and subtract fractions successfully. The students have also taken a practice math state test. Donna and I will be utilizing the results from these practice tests to begin to plan our math test prep as well.

In Social Studies, we are transitioning from the Colonial Era slowly into the Revolutionary Era. The students are continuing to utilize all of this knowledge in Wingspan and will be showcasing some of their writing around their social studies learning during our showcase on Friday, March 8th. We hope you are able to attend!

March is sure to be a busy and productive month! As always, please email me should you have any questions.