Art with Ms. Michelle

March 2019

The past month in Room 241 has been filled with much warmth and passion for art as students enjoyed working with the primary color at the end of the light spectrum – RED. Exploring shades of crimson, vermillion, burgundy, scarlet and magenta helped students to further their understanding of the elements of art and color theory.

Crimson collage

Kindergarten worked with the color wheel discovering how to create harmony with a pleasing arrangement of red shapes and shades. This visual experience helps children to create a sense of inner balance and order when the collaged art is arranged with a unified composition. Everyone also practiced fine motor skills with design scissors for the unique cutting edges. They enjoyed making symmetrical hearts and learning how to overlap all shapes added to their beautiful assemblage.

20190225_220030First grade finished their Splat the Cat that they created with black paint adding details to the face, paws and even the heart messages. The children used an oval shape that connected to the rectangle body, then added charcoal for the fur texture. Everyone loved saying ‘Thank you, Meow” as a form of appreciation to their classroom teachers. You can see this art hanging in the classroom.

Rose and Magenta prints

Second grade is working on New York City as they learn how to depict the city scape with a new perspective. Art work is currently in process and looks great.
Third grade is also focusing on perspective as they study how to set up their vanishing point with shapes. Learning how to create isometric squares and cylinders with shadows are a joyful challenge. This instruction gives students the opportunity to add dimension and depth of field to their art using the Principles of Design.
Fourth grade is hard at work on their realistic and observational projects. Setting simple objects on a table as they observe the lines, shapes and shadow.
Cross-hatching and stipple craft is our new tool which makes their still life art more realistic.

20190301_130743 (1)

Fifth grade is using watercolors with many warm tones as they practice the wet on wet techniques getting as messy as they want to express their art.                                                                    Remember, art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment!

                                                                         Lunar New Year