K-106 March Update

Reading Workshop

We are wrapping up our Bigger Books, Bigger Reading Muscles unit. We can solve words by looking at the beginning parts of words and then moving toward the ends of words.  The children were also introduced to blends and digraphs!  They learned that as books get more challenging, they will have to move from looking at just the initial consonant in a word to looking at the first two or three consonants.

Writing Workshop

We wrapped up our Writing for Readers unit and we have a publishing party coming up on Friday! I hope to see you there! Our next unit shifts back to informational writing. Students will be writing “How-To” books that include clear steps and procedures to teach readers to do something.


The main math ideas reviewed are as follows:

  • Understanding, representing, and solving problems involving addition and subtraction with larger numbers
  • Understanding equivalence
  • Understanding and extending the counting sequence

 SNAP WORDS: a, at, an, and, boy, be, can, cat, dad, dog, do, friend, girl, got, here, house, I, is, in, it, like, look, me, my, mom, man, park, ran, she, see, sit, sat, the, this, to, we, went, was