5th Grade Practice Tasks 3/5/19 to 3/10/19

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Here are the practice tasks for this week.

Essential Elements #52: Strand of D’N’A – Please practice this as written first.  Then practice this eighth notes.  You can also switch every other measure.  This will help you warm-up for Caissons Go Rolling.

Caissons Go Rolling – Please keep in mind the form we discussed.

  1. Remember we first we play from beginning all the way to measure 44.
  2. Then we go back to measure 13 and play until measure 34
  3. Finally, we play from measure 45 to the end.

Please practice this that way you feel comfortable with the transitions.  In addition, please continue working on measures 11 to 16.  Measures 43 and 44 are identical to measures 11 and 12 you can also practice these measures too.  In fact, I would listen to the piece with your music and see which measures are similar.  It goes a long way.

A Very Short History of Music – Please continue to practice the transition from 3/4 time  to 4/4 time from measures 8 to 23.  Violins and violas remember we have a rest on the third beat of measure 8 and on 9 we have a rest on the first beat of measure 9.   Please make sure you are resting long enough and not coming in early.

The pieces really are coming along nicely.  We just have to be very consistent with practicing and not get upset when we don’t get an area under our fingers immediately.  Remember even the best musicians don’t get everything perfect the first time they play it.  They are very patient with themselves and practice smart.  That’s how they became to be the best musicians.  You can do the same too 🙂


All the best,

Ms. Waldman