Overview for Kindergarten Families – 2019 Lower Lab Variety Show

2019 Lower Lab Variety Show

Overview for Kindergarten Families

Dear Kindergarten Families,

My name is Amy Gillston and I will be chairing the Lower Lab Variety Show to be held on Friday, May 17th.  Registration materials went out this week so I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a quick introduction to one of our biggest events of the year.

The first thing to know is that the event is a Variety Show, not a talent show. We like to see all of the children get the experience of being on stage so we are not particular about the type of act or proficiency of the student performing. There are NO tryouts or auditions.

 Act Categories

Solo Performance : 

This is an act where a child performs on his or her own. It can be singing, playing an instrument (in the past we’ve had piano, harp, violin, guitar, etc.), dance (hip hop, gymnastics, hula hoop), comedy, magic, ventriloquists, poetry, etc. We have also had acts where children sing with musical accompaniment from one of their parents. If you’ve ever facebooked it, instagramed it, or made your friends watch it, there is a chance we’ll want to see it too.

Group Act:

As the name suggests, this is where more than one child forms an act with other Lower Lab friends; dancing, singing, etc. There are no restrictions on the number of children allowed to be in one group act and the groups can include students from different classes or grades.


Class or Grade Act: 

This is an act that is generally coordinated by one or a few parents to include the whole class or grade to participate in an act.  This is a great opportunity to get the whole class or grade involved in the show.  Should the class/grade decide to put together a class/grade act, the opportunity to participate in that act must be made available to all children in that grade/class – if some children choose not to participate, that is their choice, but they must be given the opportunity.  In the past, some parents have given steps/moves, “how to’s” on a youtube video so that students can practice at home on their own time.


Children who do not want to be in a solo or group act, but who still want to be involved in the show, can be announcers.   Announcers go on stage to introduce their classmates’ acts. They are given a few scripted lines to recite at the start of each act. We generally try to have KG announcers introduce KG acts, etc. Please be aware that Kindergarten announcers need to be able to read, or memorize their lines (with your help) if they can’t read yet.


How many acts can my child participate in?

  • It’s a maximum of 2 :

o Children can choose to be in a Solo act, a Group act OR be an Announcer.

o In addition to one of these types of acts, a student can also participate in a class/grade act.

Is there a time limit on the act?

  • We have a strict 2-minute time limit on all acts. The show usually lasts a total of four hours.

Does my child’s act need to be pre-screened? 

  • We require all lyrics/songs to be screened before an act is approved to be in the show. If you are using recorded music, it must be submitted in an MP3 format to ps77varietyshow2019@gmail.comby April 23rd.


 Is Tech Rehearsal really mandatory?

  • We require all children to be present for the rehearsal and show organizers reserve the right to exclude any acts that are not present at rehearsal. A rehearsal schedule will be emailed to participants after the registration deadline. We will accommodate siblings in different grades and families with schedule conflicts so that you do not have to come to the school twice!


You said, “biggest event” of the yearis it really that big?

  • Yes, it’s really big! Last year we had 70 acts and over 200 children participate! At a tight two minutes an act, the variety show lasts 4 hours. The Kindergartners take the stage first at 5p, unless the talent they will be showcasing is “Staying Up Late” in which case, we’ll make an exception.


Finally, I hope you will encourage your children to participate in the show. It really is a wonderful experience. I also hope that a few of you can     volunteer to help coordinate a grade/class act, as this isa great opportunity             to get children involved who haven’t yet developed their own variety of acts. In the past few years, we have had both kindergarten classes organize class acts. It would be great to keep the tradition going.

If you have any further questions or would like to volunteer to help with the overall show production, please feel free to email me at amy.gillston@gmail.com.