4th Grade Practice Tasks 3/11/19 to 3/17/19

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Here are this week’s practice tasks.

Bow holds and Left Hand Positions – Continue practicing on holding the bow correctly.  Remember the Peter Pan story violins and violas.  Cellos and basses remember the koala story.  For left hands make sure your arm is making a V-Shape.  You can use a tennis ball to make sure your left hand is away from the upper bout of the instrument (violins and violas).  When your left hand and bow hold position is strong you will notice an enormous difference within your playing.

Essential Elements #48 (page 16): Bowing on the A String – Be sure you know when to play versus when to rest.  Say rest out loud when you get to it this way you are certain you are resting and playing in the right places.  Please also ensure you are doing the correct bowing notated.  Remember when you see the down bow symbol, you start from the bottom of the bow and go towards the tip.  When you see the up bow symbol you start from the top or tip of the bow and go towards the bottom of the bow (frog).  Here is a picture to help you.


Olympic Fanfare (Beginning to Measure 10) – It will help if you say the notes and how you play them, before playing it on your instrument.  You can also put finger numbers above the notes to remind you how to play the notes.  Here is a recording of the piece.  Please listen to it that way you get familiar with the tune.   It will also help you learn the notes and rhythms within the piece.  https://www.jwpepper.com/Olympic-Fanfare/10062532.item#/submit.   Click the paper under the view category and you can listen to the piece while following the score JW Pepper has provided.  I know it says preview on the score due to copyright laws, however, you can still see the music clearly.

Rip Roaring Fiddling (Measures 55 to 62) – If you play first violin please play the top note only, which is open A.  If you play second violin or viola please only play the bottom note, which is open D at measures 55 and 56.  At measure 57, please still play the bottom note which is E on the D string.  At measures 59 and 61 it repeats so please do the same.  First violins will play the top note and second violins and violas play the bottom note.  For the concert we will probably divide within our section, which I will explain later.  Rhythm is a big component in this piece.  I advise clapping your rhythm before playing.  I have also attached a recording of the piece.  Click the paper under the view category and you can listen to the piece while following along with your individual part.  https://www.jwpepper.com/Rip-Roaring-Fiddling/2477491.item#/submit

All the best,

Ms. Waldman