April Updates 4-245

Dear Families,

April is here! We are looking forward to a great month together! I know the students have been working very hard over the past few weeks and I see the growth reflected in their work.
As we approach both the ELA and Math state tests, please try to keep your child as stress-free as possible. The nights prior to the test please ensure your child is able to get a good night of sleep and eat a large breakfast the morning of the tests. Send your child with a healthy snack and water the days of testing. Students will be allowed to have water with them during the test and depending on timing we might have a snack in class prior to lunch that day.
In the coming weeks, we will wrap up our work in Historical Fiction Clubs and transition back into fiction choice books. We will continue reading fiction to build our understanding and interpretation of characters and our analytic skills around fiction text. We will do some work in writing centered on writing about the historical fiction books the students have been reading. Students will be writing about similarities and differences across various historical fiction texts they have read. We will further reinforce this work through our reading of Fever 1793, our class read aloud, which will be a central focus to our Philadelphia Trip in May, as well.
In math, we are spending some time on geometry, angles, area, and perimeter in the coming weeks. The students will be learning to use a protractor to measure and draw accurate angles. If you’d like, you can purchase a small protractor to practice measuring and drawing angles at home as well. As we continue the math test prep, we will be reviewing and deepening our understanding concepts already covered throughout the year. Please continue to support your children at home by ensuring their math Finish Line workbook is completed regularly. Donna and I will be sending home an optional test prep for the April break. As was the case with the ELA packet, this is optional and will be given a few days before the break should you like to complete it prior to the break if that suits your schedule.
We have begun discussing the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Students have been working in small groups on learning and teaching about one of the events through reading and creating a mini-poster on that event. Social studies will continue with more reading and research on understanding the Revolutionary War. We will continue to use this knowledge as we continue writing our Wingspan show as well.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out. I greatly appreciate all of your support during the month of March and your continued support during our final three (how crazy) months of the year!