Art with Ms. Michelle

April 1, 2019

20190327_145139 (1).jpg
       March comes in like a Lion

Welcome Back.   March came in like a lion with roaring cold weather and even a snow day. Kindergarten was enthusiastic to use their intuition and turn this idea into an imaginative radial line design. Students worked on the facial proportion of the lion and then added  expression mixed with beautiful texture for the mane. Individual creativity is explored as each work of art expresses the style and imagination of the child.

This season of winter also set the stage for much needed hot cocoa. First graders explored many shape designs then used their problem-solving skills along with personal style to create a wallpaper and table  still life

Hot Chocolate with STEAM

arrangement for their chocolate cup.  Next came the STEAM, an important focus to student”s academics. How do I want my hot air to flow was the question. How can I  create a curve shape that has rhythm and moves in space? What materials will make it feel like the love I get from my warm drink on a cold March day? Students worked “outside of the box” developing their creativity and confidence. The results are delicious.

Second grade worked very hard on their landscape foreground, mid-ground and background composition. Lines that move to create shapes  into rolling hills  was our goal. Adding fine lines for shades of color also works fine motor skills.

Rolling Hills Lined Up

Third grade is dedicated to their isometric cube art. Tessellation ideas from M.C. Escher was our source of inspiration. Learning how to create shapes on a surface and present the reflections rendered were accomplished with excellent effort.


Stipple in the Round

Fourth grade is putting amazing effort into their observational drawing unit. As we learn to squint our eyes and work hard to look at the lines and shapes of an object in order to carefully draw what we see. A new technique called stipple was introduced this month. Creating your shadows with various size dots. The beauty of this art is much accomplished by practice. Every week the all 4th graders are encouraged to complete their homework assignment and practice the classroom lesson. Currently, students are using their viewfinders as they work on a close up still life, learning how to “zoom in” on an objects details. Each students received an explanation of this assignment on paper. Here is what it explains:   Set up a simple object on the table such as a fork, spoon or key. Use your viewfinder that you made in class and select a close up visual. Next create a rectangle in your sketch book and outline this new image. It is not necessary to add shadow. The most successful approach is to make sure that your lines touch at least 3 sides of the rectangle.  Now, write the date and remember to bring your sketchbook back to class.

Fifth grade has completed their watercolor landscapes using a range of techniques.

Noa’s Landscape

Amazing colors were discovered  by pursuing  dedication and effort. Remember with art,  ‘commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the right tools to turn our dreams into reality.”