Digital Media in April

Dear families,

We have another exciting month of curriculum planned for the students in technology class.

In 1st grade, we’re using the Shadow Puppet application to create digital presentations of places and things that are needed in a community. The students go into Shadow Puppet and search for images from flicker creative commons or wiki creative commons. The student insert the images into a presentation and add their voice through the microphone or add music.


Here’s an example

In the 2nd grade, students are receiving google docs training’s in technology class. Mr Goodman is showing students how to create a document, change fonts, capitalize letters, indent and switch alignments. Students created their first google doc called “About me” where they type about their favorite school subjects, lunch foods and animals. At the conclusion of this assignment, students will be able to turn in the google doc to Mr.  Goodman on google classroom.


In the 5th grade, students are integrating social studies with technology by creating scratch projects that teach people about their Canadian Provinces. In addition, students will learn about circuitry by creating remote controls out of Play Doh and other conductive objects. They will connect these remote controls to their Macbook’s and play scratch games.