Physical Education in April

Dear families,

In April, our students will continue to learn about Nutrition through the use of MyPlate as well as well as other resources from the USDA. Students should be able to identify the differences between Go Foods and Slow Foods. They should be able to identify the 5 food groups on MyPlate (Grain, Dairy, Protein, Vegetable and Fruit).

Over the last few weeks, students have designed meals for their teachers in Physical Education class using food cards.

In addition to Nutrition, students in the Lower Grades (K through 2), will be playing baserunning games such as Kickball and Tee Ball. Students will practice skills such as baserunning, kicking, throwing and batting. In addition, we will discuss the rules and defensive strategy required to play these games. As always, we place special emphasis on teaching students about sportsmanship and fairness in class.


In grades 3-5, students will be participating in a new team sport called Tchoukball which requires students to make three passes and then shoot the ball at the opposing teams rebounder.

In addition to Tchoukball, the students will continue running at various speeds and distances in PE. We discuss different and practice different training methods such as Interval and Circuits. Students should know the difference between repetition and sets of exercises.