Second Grade Update- April 2019

It was so nice seeing you at Parent Teacher Conferences.  As we mentioned in last month’s blog post, we have recently begun new units in every academic area. As we continue this work, we want to keep you updated on what we are focusing on within these units.

Here’s what we’re working on now…

Reading: We have been spending time noticing the literary language and vocabulary in our fairy tales as well as our stick dot books.  It’s important that we read like storytellers, and stop to notice and understand the beautiful language the authors include. We’re wrapping up the unit by studying the predictable roles of the characters in our fairy tales and the lessons we learn – noticing character types, making predictions, and thinking critically about varying viewpoints.

Writing: After the children finished writing their initial opinion pieces, we moved on to writing about our reading.  We’re forming opinions about the books, characters, and settings, of the fairy tales we’ve read (based on the post-its we jotted during Reading Workshop).  The children are using the structure from our previous opinion pieces to help guide this writing. We’re learning how to stretch out (elaborate on) our reasons this time by including a retell, quote, or description of a picture from the story.

Math: We’re continuing our unit on multiplication and division focusing on the relationship between multiplication and division, solving word problems by multiplying and dividing, multiplying by multiples of 10, and learning the multiplication facts up to 10×10.  We’ve also discussed strategies for figuring out facts we don’t know automatically, like using a smaller multiplication problem to help with a more difficult one. For instance, using 7×3 to help you with 7×30 and why this works. Soon, we will be launching a new unit on fractions.

Social Studies: The children recently learned the topics they’re researching about life in New Amsterdam, and have begun doing their research.  The children are invited to do their own research online at home or to take out books from the public library, in order to help them become experts on their topic.  We also enjoyed conducting research on our field trips. The children will be working in groups to present information about their topic to the class.

Other Notes of Importance:

  • Birthday Snack – We love celebrations!  Keep in mind the celebration should be 10-15 minutes as to not interfere with our academic work.  For our birthday celebrations this year, we invite you to join our class and share a special book of your family’s choice.  Please note, we will not be celebrating with food. Please give us a week’s notice to plan a celebration, and remember, goodie bags are not permitted during school celebrations.
  • Changes to dismissal need to be given in writing.  Please send a note either weekly or the morning of a dismissal change.
  • PLEASE label your child’s sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, and anything else they might take off during the day! There are lots of articles of clothing that come into the room in the morning and they are not claimed (or are lost) by the end of the day.  This will make it easier for us to help the children keep track of their things.
  • Second grade will be visiting the Book Fair later this month.  Please be on the lookout for additional information about this.  When sending in money, please send it in a sealed envelope with your child’s name written on it.

All the best,

Robyn and Allison