Kindergarten Memo

Reading Workshop

We started a new reading unit: Becoming Avid Readers. We are learning about what it means to become an avid reader (i.e. we read all the time, we don’t get distracted because we are so engrossed in our stories.)

We are learning about a character’s feelings in a story. For example, instead of just saying “he is happy/sad” we are trying to think about synonyms or the best word to describe what a character is feeling “i.e. excited/surprised/worried/confused”.

We are also talking about putting ourselves in the character’s shoes; “how would you feel if that problem/situation happened to you” etc.


Writing Workshop

We started our new How-To unit, Writing To Teach Others!  Some of the things we learned so far:

  • Our book tells what to do in detailed steps
  • Numbers each step
  • Has a picture for each step
  • Has labels that teach
  • Has a list of things needed



Our class wrapped up our measuring and comparing unit.  Some of the focus points were:

  • Comparing the length of two objects
  • Ordering a set of measurements by length
  • Developing accurate techniques for measuring the length of an object (with no gaps or overlaps)

Students are also learning how to tell time to the hour and half hour. We encourage you to practice this at home.