Teacher Treats Winners – See below!



  1. Sophia’s Pizza Party Extravaganza

  • Sebastian Park,
  • Eliana D’Angelo-Manzon,
  • Sonia D-Angelo-Manzon,
  • Vihaan Gupta,
  • Annabel Feng,
  • Leo Barbieri,
  • Elle Plasse


  1. Tracy’s Games, Treats and More

  • Ridhaan Tucker
  • Eliana D’Angelo-Manzon
  • Sonia D-Angelo-Manzon
  1. Kristin Has a Sweet Tooth

  • Bennett Markoff,
  • Gabi Maese
  1. Take the “Lead” with Ms. Sarah and Wonder Pup Hadley

  • Mira Rao
  • Blair Aronson
  1. We All (Ice) Scream For Ms. Robyn

    winner picks one lucky friend too!

  • Margot Katz
  1. Haimeck is Hungry for Pizza

    one winner and a friend too!

  • Reva Tucker
  1. Tea for Two with Ms. Leslie and Ms. Kate

  • Charles Jia
  • Ann Zhou
  1. Scooping with Seferian

  • Brennan Lee


  1. Surely Sugar with Ms. Zoe

    one lucky winner and a special friend

  • James Myatt
  1. Barnes and Noble with Claudia

    one winner and a special friend

  • Noa Berger
  1. Can You Handle Laura King?

    one winner and a special friend

  • Cameron Erde
  1. Nothing but Net with Keith

  • Gabriel Hanjis
  • Noah Gillston,
  • Sarah Weinick,
  • Felix Yuan

  1. Cupcakes Two Ways with Ms. Michelle

one winner and a friend

  • Valentina Balducci
  1. Do Nut Worry, Be Happy with Ms. Waldman

  • Matthew Rosenberg,
  • Annabel Feng,
  • Leah Gillston,
  • Kieran Rao
  • Charlie Mansfield,
  • Summer Loh
  1. GAGA with Mr. Goodman

    Winner  and three additional friends

  • Noah Gillston
  1. Katarina Will Blind You with Science!

         Elle Plasse

  1. Hail to the Chief! An Executive Lunch
  • Noah Gillston,
  • Alex Maese,
  • Valentina Balducci
  • Leah Gillston
  • Hannah Katz
  1. Principal for the Day (LOWER GRADES K-2)

  •  Vienna Yang
  1. Principal for the Day (UPPER GRADES 3-5)

  • Ezra van Boxtel
  1. AP for the Day with Ms. Perez!
  •        Jesse Berman
  1. The Big Act with Gina Goodman
  • Michael Ma
  1. Personalized Short Stories by Hugues Recamier

  • Rupert Angelin
  1. French Conversations with Hugues!

  • Felix Yuan
  1. Josh Has a License to Chill

    Josh Goldstein, Guidance Counselor, is ready to chill out with an ice cream snack for one lucky student and a friend!

  • Frederik Bultje
  1. Get the Scoop with Lila and Lauren

one winner and a friend

  • Aidan Berman
  1. Hanna Craves Pizza!

    one student and two special friends

  • Felix Yuan