4th Grade Practice Tasks 4/15/19 to 4/28/19

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Here are the practice tasks for the next two weeks.  I understand some of you are going away for the spring break.  Please try to practice as much as you can, before going out of town.

Rip Roaring Fiddling Measures 1 to 10 and Measures 47 to 54 – Please make sure you are doing the body percussion correctly from the beginning to measure 10.  This rhythm is really important within this piece.  The beginning to measure 10 will also sound really fantastic for our concert if our rhythm is precise.  For measures 47 to 54 make sure the rhythm and notes are correct.  As always, it is best to start at a slow tempo then gradually increase the tempo.

Olympic Fanfare Measures 27 to 34 – Hard to believe we are almost done learning this piece.  You have actually seen measures 27 to 34 towards the beginning of the piece.  Take note which measures from the beginning are similar to these measures.

Extra: If anyone is looking for something extra to do, because they are in town please make sure you are able to play both pieces from start to finish.  It is best to work backwards.  For instance, start doing the last five measures.  Once those five measures sound excellent keep backing up five measures, you’re adding on five measures at a time as opposed to starting from the beginning and running through the entire piece, which can be stressful.  Have a happy and safe break.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman