5th Grade Practice Tasks 4/15/19 to 4/28/19

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Here are the practice tasks for the next two weeks.

Essential Elements #133: The Stetson Special – Please make sure you are playing a C natural and not a C sharp unless it is notated.

A Very Short History of Music – We are now working on fine tuning the piece (no pun intended).  Some areas to work on are the transition from measure 39 to 40.  First violins please also make sure you are coming in correctly at measure 44.  The toughest spot in this piece is probably measures 49 to 60, because it changes time signatures and tempos a lot.  It is important you are aware of the time signature and tempo changes.  Make sure a ritardando sounds like you are gradually slowing down and make sure an accelerando sounds like you are gradually increasing speed.   Even though I cannot conduct in front of you while you practice, you should make sure you are doing what’s written on the page.

Caissons Go Rolling – Please work measures 45 to the end.  You have to sound confident when it is your entrance.  It’s also a good idea to do this with a metronome that way you know when you are supposed to enter.  Another spot to work on is measures 28 to 32.  Violins please make sure you playing on the second beat and not the first.  The first beat is a rest.  In addition, please practice from the beginning to measure 6.  It is essential you area able to discern half notes and dotted half notes.  Remember half notes get two beats, while dotted half notes get three beats.

If you are staying in town and are looking for something extra to do this is a good time to practice any spots you are struggling.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe break.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman