April 18, 2019

Dear 4-243 Families,

We are nearing the end of the 4th grade tests (YAY!) but not at all done with the year.  Students are very well prepared for the upcoming Math Test and we still have lots to look forward to.  In addition to the Science Test, there is also our Wingspan Performance which is quickly approaching.  Show time for parents is May 30th,  in the evening.  Students will be doing 3 performances in total.  Information will be coming in about 2 weeks with details, but mark your calendar for the 30-31 of May–no out of town trips please!

Below, please read about just a couple of our other big items.

Upon our return from Spring Vacation, we will begin our unit on the U.S. Government.  We will be launching an independent research project; students will have choice as to topic and final product.  Stay tuned for the full information when we get back.

Our Philadelphia trip is happening soon! Thank you to everyone who volunteered to chaperone. We had more volunteers than spaces. Chaperones have been selected and notified-chaperones: please make sure you are at school by 7:30 for a quick debrief. Thank you to all for your interest in supporting the class. As a reminder, the trip is on Tuesday, May 7th, from 7:45am-5:30pm.

As you already know, we plan to leave  from school at 7:45am. Please arrive to school by 7:45am so that we can leave on time.  To facilitate this, please plan to gather outside of the school along 95th St. between Lexington and Third Avenue.  Please avoid blocking the entrance to the yard. The trip will occur rain or shine, so in the case of rain, please send your child to school with weather appropriate gear, including umbrellas. Students should bring a small lightweight backpack in order to keep a notebook, lunch and water bottle, snacks, camera, sunscreen, money for souvenirs, etc. We encourage all students to eat a hearty breakfast. All students must bring lunch for themselves. We also suggest bringing a snack to eat on the bus. Your child will be responsible for any items they bring on the trip. We will visit the gift shop so send money with your child at your discretion.  Remind your child of what they should and should not buy–there’s great stuff but also candy.   Regular size backpacks are not allowed inside The Constitution Center. If your child might require ANY medication during the trip, a Medication Administration Form MUST be on file with the nurse and your child’s teacher. This included epipens, inhalers, over the counter medications, etc.

Our first stop will be The Constitution Center (525 Arch St, Philadelphia).  In the morning, we will be going on a very special historic walking tour of the Old City (leaving from The Constitution Center). The tour will focus on points of inspiration in our historical fiction read aloud book, Fever 1793. This story was inspired by the real yellow fever epidemic that hit Philadelphia during colonial times. Students will get to see the real places that inspired the setting in the book. They will also learn about the importance of Philadelphia in our nation’s history.  After lunch, while visiting the Constitution Center, students will learn about the history and importance of this living document that continues to shape our nation. Our visit includes an educational film as well as self-guided exhibits. They have a great website if you’re interested!

We anticipate returning to school by  5:30pm. Please plan to pick-up your child on 95th Street. If another family will be picking your child up, please remember to send in a note to the teacher by Monday, May 6th.


__Please make sure your child has:

Water (reusable water bottle, with his/her name on it is best)


Snacks for the ride there and the ride home

A lunch

Notebook and pencil for notes

A light backpack (optional)

Camera (optional)

Money for souvenirs (optional-suggested amount $10-$20)

*As you know, it’s a 2 hour bus ride-we only have so many front seats on the bus. Send along a bag, gum, ginger candy –whatever works. 

Best for a great vacation,