May Updates

May 1, 2019

Dear Families,

Here we are in May! Now the time is really flying by! I am very proud of how hard the students worked in preparation for the state tests!
Here are some important dates to remember:
  • Philadelphia Trip: Tuesday, May 7th – Please make sure students are at school at 7:45 AM that day. We should arrive back by 5:30 PM
  • Lower Lab Values the Arts: Wednesday, May 15th – Please look out for more information about this
  • Memorial Day: No School, Monday, May 27th
  • Wingspan Show: Thursday, May 30th and Friday, May 31st – We will be performing shows on both days during school and a show after school on Thursday, May 30th.
Here is a look at what will be happening in 4-245 in May:


In Reading, students will be reading fiction books. Students will continue to read books of their choice and develop their reading skills around fiction books through reading these texts, writing in their reader’s notebook and through conversations with their peers. As always, please continue to ensure students are writing in their reader’s notebook to continue their thinking around reading.


In Writing, we will begin a Writer’s Choice unit. Students will be going through the writing process from idea generation to publication for a writing genre of their choice. Students will develop their elaboration skills in small groups with students who have also selected their same genre. Students will be utilizing all the skills previously learned around writing fiction or nonfiction and will continue to develop these skills in this unit.


In Math, we will be building on the math concepts taught throughout the year such as fractions, operations, and geometry through math activities and games. Students will be pushed to utilize all of these concepts together and develop their skills around operations of larger numbers.


In Social Studies we will be wrapping up our study of the American Revolution and beginning to study early government and its development into the government of today. Of course, we will be visiting Philadelphia next week, on Tuesday, May 7th. Further, students will be completing a government project, attached here (Government Project), in which they research a question/topic centered around the government. Much like the Native American project from December, students will be researching both in school and at home while completing a short written paper about their topic and completing an outside project. Also, Wingspan will be very important in the month as we prepare for our show at the end of May. Students will be spending time rehearsing and preparing. We are very excited for our final performance.


As always, if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!