Art with Ms Michelle

May 1, 2019

Origami by K-106

Spring has arrived and Kindergarten was enthusiastic about learning the paper craft of origami. The art lessons for this month instruct children how to create shapes by folding sides into a finished sculpture without the use of scissors. The patience and perseverance of this art concluded with an amazing still life arrangement of tulips in a vase.

First Grade –  Abstract Mosaics

Curiosity and creativity go hand in hand. As First graders learned about the history of mosaics they created their own abstract design that displayed a composition of rhythm and movement. Many problem solving questions on how to arrange the shapes and colors around the paper kept each artist very inquisitive. An example of that was, “will I have more energy in my art if I layer the shapes? Do patterns of colors help to move  my eyes around the paper? Which direction is stronger; vertical or horizontal? It was fascinating to watch their discoveries as they fueled their imagination with creativity. 

Second grade focused on the art of Claude Monet in a circular design with watercolors and tissue collage. Gold pointilism was practiced around the borders inspired by George Seurat. Arranging layers of tissue paper as flowers created beautiful art.

Monet from 2-206

Cultural art of the Ming dynasty was the scope for Third graders as they designed a vase or urn with  several tools and techniques using ultramarine blue. Patterns throughout the image mixed with bird or dragon symbols was the central focus.

Ming Vase 3-205

Fourth grade is completing their close up art using black and white charcoal. Details added to common objects creates beauty where you never expected. Stay tuned for this remarkable achievement.

Fifth graders finished their “repousse” art using many various shades of metallics. Learning how to carefully push the metal with a stylos tool to arrange their composition. Students literally had to think “outside of the box” as they  moved their design from the silver surface to the black paper. Amazing artists in Fifth Grade!

Keep your curiosity alive for what is to be revealed at our art show on May 15th. Looking forward to seeing everyone at this wonderful evening featuring amazing aesthetics and student success.

Repousse By 5-220