• We are learning that reading is a lot like watching movies.  We visualize or act out the stories in our minds. We learned that avid readers need to pay close attention to the story to better understand what the main character is thinking and feeling.  This enabled us to start improvising what characters might say. We wrote our own speech and thought bubbles and placed them in our books.
  • Students were introduced to Reading Playdates, in an effort to get them to have more fun when engaging in discussions and activities involving their reading. During reading playdates, students get together in partnerships to play games like pretend school and acting out scenes from their books.



We are wrapping up our Writing To Teach Others unit!  The students learned how to:

  • make a list of things they need
  • add warnings, suggestions, and tips
  • put important parts in bold or all caps
  • add dedications, introductions, and conclusions



The activities below are related to the mathematics in our geometry unit, Comparing and Combining Shapes.  Doing them at home together with your child will enrich their mathematical learning.

  • Shape hunt: Talk with your child about the shapes you see every day.
  • Making shapes: your child can draw, use clay or play dough, drinking straws, tooth picks or yarn to make different shapes.  
  • Seeing shapes inside: Encourage your child to look for patterns or designs made from different shapes.  


Announcements and Reminders:

  • Publishing Party: Wednesday, May 8th (8:30 – 9:00) 


  • Field Trip: Wednesday, May 22nd


  • Human Body Unit: Students will be learning about different organs in the body. We would love it if any parents in the medical field (e.g. doctors, surgeons, dentists, physical therapist etc.) would like to come in and teach a lesson and/or do an activity related to the human body. If you haven’t already and are interested, please contact me and we can schedule a date/time in May or early June. Thank you so much!