5th Grade Practice Tasks for Weeks of 5/6/19 to 5/15/19

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Hard to believe I am typing up our last practice tasks for the school year.  It’s also hard to believe our concert is less than two weeks away.  That being said, please remember the difference between a good musician and a great musician.  A good musician practices until he or she gets passages right, while a great musician practices until he or she never gets each passage wrong.  I know all of your children are great musicians and will prove that on stage on May 15th.

A Very Short History of Music – Please practice any parts you are still having trouble with.  Remember practicing is like training for a sport.  You need to know what body parts/techniques to use to master a concept.  Same thing for playing an instrument, you have to know what notes to play and when to play them to master a piece.  Please remember this as you are practicing rhythms and notes within the piece.

Caissons Go Rolling – Make sure you are holding the dotted half note for three beats, a half note for two beats, and a quarter note for one beat.  Using a metronome will help you make sure you are playing each rhythm correctly.  Measures 40 to the end are an essential spot to make sure you are confident of when you are supposed to come in and when you are supposed to rest.  Please practice the entire piece from start to finish.  This way you know when you are supposed to go back to measure 13 and when to go to the coda.

Please remember to practice whenever and wherever you can from now until May 15th.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman