May Dance Update 2019

Hello families!
What an amazing first six weeks this has been! Us in the dance class at Lower Lab are having a ton of fun and I’m hoping that your children have been sharing about what we’ve been learning! As Irish dancing is my passion and it was the month of March (St Patrick’s Day!), it was a great place to start! It’s time to move on though!
From Ireland, we’ve moved Stateside to the Big Band Era! Think ‘In the Mood,’ Glen Miller, Count Basie, Duke Ellington. Yes! Swing dancing has come to Lower Lab! I’m starting off with some basic foot movement to the Lindy hop. We’ll be incorporating dancing with partners and teaching the students the positions of leading versus following partners. I think it’s important for all students to learn both positions as it uses different trains of thought and foot movements while you’re dancing. I’ve taken swing throughout college and absolutely have so much fun doing it.
If you’ve any questions about anything in the dance program, please feel free to reach out. I love that we’re able to show our children these forms of dance; they’re such a big part of our own, American history.
Wishing you a happy and successful month of May.