We are so excited for our Wingspan performance!

Dear Families,


We are so excited for our Wingspan performance! The students have been working very hard to create a historically accurate and engaging play. Please read the following letter closely.


The students will be having three performances of our final show. Two performances are for students during school hours and one performance is for parents. The school performances are on Thursday, May 30th and Friday, May 31st. The performance for parents will be on Thursday, May 30th at 6:00 PM. Passes will be distributed closer to the 30th.


Here are some things you need to know:


  • All students need the following base costume: black pants and a white shirt (t-shirt, tank top, etc.)
  • All students need a solid blue and solid red shirt to be worn over their base costume
  • Students should wear neutral shoes or sneakers (black, brown, gray, white) with no glitter or lights
  • All shirts must be without decoration or writing. If necessary, shirts can be worn inside out
  • Please send the base costume (black pants and white shirt) and the solid blue and solid red t-shirts in a LABELED bag that will be kept at school for the duration of the performances by Friday, May 24th. These items will be taken home on Friday, May 31st. Each item of clothing should be labeled. Shoes can be worn to school the day of each performance.


On performance days, students will be changing in and out of their costumes a few times. Please send them to school knowing they will be changing clothes. Please keep in mind, it can be warm on stage under the lights. Please try to select light fabrics for students’ costumes.


Students should arrive to school at normal time on performance days, however for the evening performance on May 30th, students should arrive by 5:30 PM to change into their costume.


Students are expected to be in school for all performances (May 30th and May 31st). If your child is not going to be in school for any show, please notify your teacher as soon as possible so arrangements can be made. Further, everyday between now and the performances are rehearsal days so please avoid taking your child out of school unless it is necessary.


Students will be expected to have their lines memorized by Wednesday, May 22nd. You can help your child by practicing their lines, enunciation, pacing, and projection so they are heard on stage.


If you are unable to attend our nighttime performance on Thursday, May 30th, you are invited to attend our performance on Friday, May 31st at 9:00 AM.


Wingspan graciously films our Thursday evening performance that will be shared with you. Please do not feel obligated to film it yourself!


We are looking forward to a wonderful performance!

Zoe & Donna