Field Day is Next Friday!!!  June 7, 2019 Action Needed – Please Read!

Field Day is Next Friday!!!  June 7, 2019

Location: East Meadow 5th Avenue / East 96th Street)

Schedule of Departures from PS77. 

                                                9:00 AM – K and 1st grade

                                                9:05 AM – 2nd and 3rd grades

                                                9:15 AM – 4th and 5th grades

Schedule for Returning to the School

                                                1:00 PM – K and 1st grade

                                                1:05 PM – 2nd and 3rd grades

                                                1:15 PM – 4th and 5th grades    

Lunch Time: The designated time for lunch will be based on the start time of the games Mr. Goodman has scheduled. We hope to start the games at 9:45 AM, and if so, lunch is scheduled to take place from 11am to 11:30am. During this time, we expect that all students are at their designated area eating. Any student that finishes eating lunch early may sign t-shirts. The “free play” portion of the day will take place from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Field Day T-Shirts: T-shirts will be delivered to each class by Wednesday, June 5; Teachers will distribute t-shirts before dismissal. Teachers will hold on to t-shirts for any student that is absent on Wednesday. Students who are absent on Wednesday will have an opportunity to put on their t-shirts on Friday morning (before leaving for the trip). All other students should wear their Field Day shirts to school Friday.

Personal Items: Students are not permitted to bring any video games or smartphones to Field Day

Dismissal at the end of the day is our usual 2:35 PM. 

 This is our path and the Impact Day Deloitte Volunteers are on hand to assist with the crossing of the streets. 

  1. East 95th and 3rd Avenue                                                        
  1. East 95th and Lexington Avenue                                               
  1. East 95th and Park Avenue (East Side) 
  2. East 95th and Park Avenue (West Side)
  1. East 95th and Madison Avenue     
  1. East 95th and 5th Avenue                                                         

   (Cross over to the west side of 5th Avenue)                                  

  1. Opening into the Park (At Stone Gate)                                         

   (Direct students/staff to follow path into the park)                  

  1. At the Bend Where the Playground is                                       

   (Follow walkway in the park)                                                         

  1. Under the Yellow Curve Sign  (On the Park Walkway)              
  1. At the Entrance of East Meadow (on top of the hill)                

   (Directing K and 1st to the right-2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th to the left)                         

  1. Down in the park (Directing Classes)