Art with Ms. Michelle

June 2019

Symmetry from Kindergarten

It has been an amazing year in our art room where students worked hard to develop their fundamental skills, techniques and vocabulary. Kindergarten learned the art of symmetry as they balanced shapes and colors with their butterflies. First Grade embraced the art of Zentangle doodling with free-form lines. Bright and beautiful. They also created a cover for their new art journals that children will take home and enjoy this summer. This is a wonderful opportunity to draw images from their mind or sketching whatever they notice and connecting it all to art words; whatever they see and experience. Doodling can boost a child’s openess and concentration, skills and adventure. Encourage  this freeform art as a valuable way to focus and relax in the sunshine.

First Grade doodle

Second grade also practiced their Zentangle doodling around organic shapes. Curved lines contour ripped paper where students mastered composition arrangement. This summer let their imaginations shine. On the fun days ahead  give children a lot of crayons, glue, glitter and clay. Let them play. They will take all of their learning experience from this year and turn that into magic.

Third grade took their love for the Elements of Art and transformed them into a fortune teller moving sculpture. At  the end of each game the prize revealed was a successful career  in art. Example: You will be the next Van Gogh and have your art on display at the Louvre.

Third Grade fortune tellers

My appreciation to everyone for a wonderful night at the Lower Lab Values the Arts. I am so very proud of the amazing  effort from all students . Here are some samples of fourth and fifth grade.

Best wishes for a peaceful and relaxing summer!

20190605_080842 (2)
Fourth Grade Observational Drawings
Fifth Grade