June Musical Updates

Dear Families,

Happy June!  We are now in the last month of the school year.  With that being said, I understand your children are ready for the summer and worked hard the entire year for state tests, publishing parties, plays, and concerts.  Here is what each grade will be doing during our last month of the school year.

Kindergarten has started their last unit of the year on fast and slow.  Just like we did for high and low, children will select fast or slow to perform a known song.  We will also alternate the tempo of the phrases within the song.  In addition, kindergartners will improvise a motion that will demonstrate the beat of a known or unknown song in a fast or slow tempo.  For our listening portion, students will listen to a piece of music and identify if the piece is fast or slow.

First grade will be finishing up their unit on the solfege syllable la.  Students will write Hot Cross Buns and other songs with rests using traditional music notation.  For improvisation, I will sing a phrase written on the the board as a question and individual students will sing an answer phrase written on the board using rhythm syllables.  In addition, students will write the song Bounce High, Bounce Low in rhythmic notation with solfege syllables and staff notation.

Second grade will finish up their unit on four sixteenth notes and start learning about “do” pentatonic.  Do pentatonic features five note patterns we typically hear in music.  We will also incorporate our previous skill learned (four sixteenth notes) into this unit.  Some activities students will be doing is reading the song Rocky Mountain with hand signs from steps (tone ladder), traditional notation with solfege, and then staff notation.  We will also write a phrase of Rocky Mountain in rhythmic notation with solfege syllables and staff notation.

Third grade has selected instruments they want to play for next year.  We will be finalizing which instruments we will be playing for next by the middle of this month.  In addition, I will answer frequently asked questions parents and students have about renting instruments.  Besides choosing instruments, we will be learning about and singing our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner.  We recently finished our unit on two sixteenth notes followed by an eighth note.   Now we will be discussing about the Beatles and focus on low sol.

Fourth and fifth grades are getting a little bit of a break from playing, because I know they worked hard preparing for their concert this year.  I understand we all need a break, especially when you have worked hard on learning an unfamiliar concept.  Currently, fifth grade is working on their graduation song, which they sing with a lot of enthusiasm.  I have also been talking about my musical experiences in orchestras and foreign countries to explain how music brings the world together.  I will also assess how much the students have learned this year through jeopardy.  Jeopardy is enjoyable for the students, because it makes learning enjoyable, which is much needed for the end of the school year.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman



K-106 with the our echo song pictures.

K-101 Photo

K-101 with our echo song pictures.