Dear Lower Lab Families, Please read this important​ message from your PTA!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 4.17.20 PMAs we wind down to the last few days of school, this is our final push in an effort to reach our goal of 100% participation in the Pledge Drive. 

Your participation allows us to fund:

 TAs in every classroom as well as Art and Science

 Enrichment programs for every grade (such as Chess, NDI, architecture, and Wingspan )

 PE, Tech, Music, and Language staff and programming and the guidance counselor

 The office copy machine

 Social-emotional learning programs (i.e., peer mediation, anti-bullying education)

 Funds for classroom supplies, teacher professional development, and much more 

IMG_9501The suggested donation is $1250 per child, but we are seeking participation as well as funds. We are confident that if every family gives whatever their personal situation allows, we will not only reach our 100% participation goal BUT also have the funds our children are relying on to ensure Lower Lab continues to be the place of happiness, excellence, and joy in learning they deserve. 

Please send a check to the PTA mailbox, ATTN: Pledge Drive or visit, click on the GIVE tab and donate with a credit card.  If your company has a matching gift program, please be sure to request a match.  We will be happy to fill out any forms required. We are also able to accept gifts of appreciated stock.

Thank you for donating and for all of your support!