Digital Media in June

Dear families,

We’re finishing up the school year with some exciting projects. In the 5th grade, our students are piloting Minecraft Education Edition. This edition is designed for integrating classroom curriculum with Minecraft’s interface and tools. In creativity mode, students collaborate with eachother to build structures such as houses, grocery stores, hospitals and farms. Both 5A and 5B are developing communities in creativity mode using the tools and resources in the inventory. Students will submit a picture of their final product to me on google classroom.

In 2nd grade, students are working in small groups to create a coding game using tynker. The coding game should allow the user to control ans animate an actor using the up, down, right and left keys on the keyboard. There should be at least one background image for the stage. Once this is completed, students will connect their makey makey circuit boards to their chromebooks and play the game using play-do buttons.

Here’s the example for this game:

In the 1st grade, students are finishing up their seesaw activities and submitting them into their portfolios. The last two lessons ask students to type about Excellence at school and reflect on their 1st grade experience.