June’s Final Fifth Grade Update


We are busy preparing for our big end-of-the-year event!  We are busy with a teacher appreciation video, graduation song and speeches.

Reminder, the ceremony is at 9am on June 21st.  We encourage students to dress in something that is slightly more formal than a regular school day but something that will keep them comfortable (including shoes). Graduates and their guests should keep in mind that it may feel very hot and humid in the auditorium.

Each family may invite up to six guests beyond their graduating student. Wristbands that were backpacked home last week will be used for admission.  Each guest will need to present his/her wristband at the door. If you need additional wristbands beyond the six allocated, we encourage you to connect with one another directly to transfer any extra wristbands to a family who needs additional seats.

On the day of the graduation, fifth graders are expected to arrive by 8:15am and go directly to their homeroom classroom. Families and guests may arrive at the Third Avenue doors starting at 8:40am (the auditorium will not be open for seating until then).


In reading, the students have been thrilled to dive into our long-awaited fantasy book club unit. We have been analyzing tropes of the genre, inquiring into the types of power these texts tend to have in common, and we look ahead to studying how the structure of a fantasy story is unique from other fiction texts. By the end of this unit, the no-longer fifth graders will be able to approach their summer reading with a new sense of awareness and critical analysis of this favorite genre.


In writing, the students have been deep into planning and drafting their own graphic novels. We’ve analyzed what makes this such an intriguing writing style and explored on how the layout of panels and speech balloons can make our work easier to follow. Partners have helped each other to work out the places where their stories are hard to follow, and we look ahead to applying what we’re learning about cartooning techniques to ensure our characters fully express the stories we tell.


Science Fair 2019 was a success!  Thank you for all of your support at home, I know it takes a village to make this happen.  What a pleasure to watch students welcome visitors, both adults and peers, to share their findings and excitement about their topics!  


One last week of integer work before they are officially 6th graders… Our goals are adding, subtracting and multiplying negative numbers, with a side of problem solving!