School supply orders close in 1 week. Order now to save! Action needed!!!!

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Time is running out!  School supply orders end in 1 week.  You will save yourself time and money.  Here’s how the PTA is helping you this year:

Using Surplus Supplies: Over the years the PTA has accumulated excess supplies. This year we are providing them to the classrooms so that parents don’t have to buy them. You won’t see pencils, paperclips, BIC pens, lined paper and other items you might expect on this year’s supply lists.

Bulk Ordering: Families who purchase through our supply company will also be able to take advantage of bulk ordering for certain items. These are items requested by the teachers that are significantly more expensive when bought individually. Your 1st Day School Supplies Supply Kit will include funds to cover these items (which are not part of the kit). If you buy supplies on your own you will be required to buy these items individually, but if you purchase a Supply Kit, the PTA will buy them for you at a discounted bulk price.

This year, all items will be delivered directly to school, so no shipping costs and no bulky boxes/bags for you or your child to carry!

Teacher approved lists are now available online. If you plan on shopping on your own, please note these are not the complete lists since some items are being bulk purchased. You will also be responsible for purchasing these items.  The full lists will be provided once supply box ordering has closed.

Please order as soon as you can. The deadline for ordering is next Sunday, June 30th, 2019. This deadline cannot be extended. Click through and see how easy the process is! Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to or click the button below.
2. Choose the Needed/Requested Supply Kit for your child’s grade for next year. This includes items for science and art classes.
3. You can also add a kit for the Coalition for the Homeless Project: Back to School for children in need.
4. Repeat if you have multiple students. Place your order.  Done and done!

Thanks for helping us make the 1st Day School Supplies program a success!

Click here to order your school supplies