Guidelines for Lunch/Recess Volunteers 2019-2020

Guidelines for Lunch/Recess Volunteers 2019-2020


Parents and caregivers MUST sign-up on the scheduling system in order to volunteer. Sign-up is to be completed by the Friday before the week you are requesting to volunteer. The office will generate a list of volunteers, which will be shared and posted at the Security Agents’ desks. Sign up to be a volunteer via your registered log in on the PTA Parent Square:

  • On the day(s) you are scheduled to volunteer, you must check-in with a Safety Agent and proceed to the Main Office (Room 143) to Sign-in in the Visitor’s Binder.
  • K-2 recess begins at 10:05 am followed by lunch from 10:30-10:55 am. The 3rd-5th-grade recess begins at 11:00am, followed by lunch from 11:25 am to 11:50 am.
  • Recess for all children takes place in the yard. After completing the sign-in procedure (seeing a Safety Agent and signing the Visitor’s Binder in Room 143), volunteers are to meet their class in the designated area at the start of the recess (10:05 am for K-2, 11 am for 3rd-5th).


  • While on the recess yard, volunteers are responsible for addressing any unsafe play, including preventing games that involve tackling, pulling on clothing, using playground equipment incorrectly or dangerously; e.g. using jump ropes, hula-hoops to pull each other by the waist, climbing up fences, or picking up and throwing any object that is not intended for play (i.e. rocks, sticks, etc.). If unsafe behavior is observed, volunteers should step-in immediately and/or notify a school staff member. If it is deemed necessary, only staff members may discipline children (e.g. sitting out).
  • Responsibilities in the lunchroom include: helping children to remain focused on eating, to maintain an appropriate voice-level and making sure children clean-up their area (themselves) when finished.
  • While in the cafeteria, volunteers may be asked to assist in any other ways the school staff may need, including monitoring the bathroom area (by the cafeteria), serving the salad at the salad bar and supervising the water fountain.
  • During inclement weather, volunteers are needed as the children may be sent to the gymnasium or to their classrooms for indoor recess.
  • If volunteers observe verbal conflicts between students, they should encourage the students involved to seek the assistance of school staff members or Peer Mediators (4th and 5th-grade students who have been trained in Conflict Resolution)
  • While on duty, volunteers may be asked (by school staff) to escort children to the bathroom. Please note that adults may not enter the students’ bathrooms at any time. Children may either visit the bathrooms in pairs or with an adult who waits outside the door.
  • Please note ALL injuries are handled in the Nurse’s office (room 125). Only TA’s and school staff are to escort students to the Nurse’s Office.


  • As a lunch/recess volunteer, your responsibility is to support with the supervision and safety of all students in your child’s grade; this is not a time to catch up or socialize with your own child, their friends, or other volunteers.
  • Please refrain from behaviors that will distract from supervising the children at play, such as cell phone usage.
  • Taking pictures and videos during lunch/recess is prohibited.
  • Volunteers may not bring other children/babies along while on duty.
  • Volunteers are discouraged from sharing information with other parents regarding lunch-time or recess behaviors of other students. This is strictly the responsibility of the school staff.
  • For security reasons, only parents or legal guardians may volunteer for lunch/recess duty.
  • If you are unable to make it to your assigned lunch/recess day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement from the list of existing volunteers.

Thank you for offering to be a lunch/recess volunteer.   Your help is greatly appreciated!