Art with Ms. Michelle

September 2019

Greetings!!   I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and feel energetic about our fabulous new school year. Warm welcomes to all our amazing artists and look forward to meeting our new students as well. This year will be another opportunity to continue developing creativity each and every day. Art is a thinking and responding process where we get to engage in different materials, symbols, ideas, people, icons, choices and more. Thinking outside of the box is a natural time of life for children. They love to explore new things just to see how their minds and imaginations work. I am enthusiastic to be a super-guide and artist cheerleader supporting all student’s creative muscles as they strengthen their problem solving, cognitive and emotional skills in our art room in the months ahead.

The beginning of September we work as a school team on a community mural. This year’s theme is all about new ideas and colors. Once again, thinking outside of the box is our goal. So stay tuned for a vibrant installation on display outside of the art room.

Portraits will be the next unit for all grades where everyone learns about proportion, shapes, symmetry and art history. Each class will be working on an individual and unique style.

Looking forward to our new art year and also Curriculum Day on September 12th.20190904_145056