Third Grade Happenings

September 1, 2019

Dear Third Grade Families:

Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a restful summer and we’re looking forward to working with you and your children during this exciting transition into the upper grades.

Looking forward to the month ahead…

As third graders, we will take a giant step forward towards become leaders of our own learning

Writing: We will be narrative writers, crafting our own true stories! As our unit draws to a close, students will hone in on the art of revising. During this process, they will learn to develop the heart of their story, drawing on various mentor texts for inspiration. In addition, students will perfect exciting leads, write with a storyteller’s voice, add dialogue and learn how to end their stories with one of the techniques to wrap up a personal narrative. 

Reading: Our reading unit will be closely linked to the work children are doing in writing. Children will take on the roles of readers and writers in our classroom and at home. They will learn that tackling complex texts takes grit! This understanding will invite children into the process of self-improvement and rising to reading challenges. Students will give themselves comprehension checks, make predictions, empathize with characters, and learn how to retell BIG parts of their books.

Reader’s Notebooks: Our Reader’s Notebooks will soon be filled with daily entries. Students’ lives as readers will be illuminated through each section including goals, independent reading, read aloud, and finally, their reading log where they record completed books.    

Math: We will begin each day with a 10 minute math warm-up, which allows students to maintain and review previously learned math skills. This work has provided an opportunity to establish math routines in the classroom, and lay the foundation for the multiplication work ahead. Through mini lessons, partner work, and group investigations, students will understand the meaning of multiplication model arrays, and the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Manipulatives will be used to support this important work. 

Social Studies: Geography

Big Idea: How does geography impact where and how people live? 

Essential Question: Why does geography matter?

Countries around the world…We will study countries that are different in terms of continents, cultures, climates and governments. Specifically we will have an opportunity to study China and Nigeria. These global studies will allow students to develop valuable research and inquiry skills through studying multiple texts, interpreting maps, data, and images and finally to continue building on note-taking strategies.  Exciting technology integration with STEAM will highlight many of these social studies explorations. 

We look forward to seeing all of you at Curriculum Night.

Here’s to a happy, healthy year of learning and growing! Thank you for your support, your time, and your children!

Leslie and Kate