Digital Media with Mr. Crohn, K-2

Some of the most essential skills needed to become technologically savvy are valuable life skills as well; when learning to use technology the user must learn to demonstrate patience and to manage frustration.

Digital Media classes for the lower grades are focused on providing students with the foundational skills needed to learn about new forms of technology. The rapid pace of technological advancement means that whatever specific programs and hardware we are using with the students today will be quite different from the hardware and programs they will be using ten years from now. It is our ultimate goal here at Lower Lab to empower our students to be comfortable and confident when faced with new technological challenges.

In Kindergarten and first grade, we introduce the students to iPads using an app called Seesaw. Seesaw allows students to create a digital portfolio of their work that will include photographs, text, audio recording, and sometimes video. Our first class together students will practice proper handling of the iPads as well as what the various buttons do and where on the iPad they are located. Students will then be given the opportunity to complete a number of increasingly challenging assignments that show them how to use the various functions of the Seesaw app.


Second grade students will begin the year by being introduced to Macbook Air laptops. In addition to reviewing the proper handling of the laptops, students will be introduced to using Google accounts. These accounts are set up and monitored by Lower Lab and allow the students to access their work from any internet connected device, in or out of school. The first part of the year in second grade will be dedicated to keyboarding skills. Even with the increasing prevalence of touch screens and voice to text recording, keyboarding skills remain absolutely essential, as a traditional keyboard remains the most efficient and accurate way of word processing.


Thank you to the entire Lower Lab community for making my first days here so wonderful!

– Mr. Crohn

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