Know your PTA Elected Executive Board and SLT Representatives

Lower Lab 2019-2020 PTA EXECUTIVE BOARD and SLT,  September 2019

Presidents or Co-Presidents

Vice President or Co-Vice Presidents of External Affairs

  • Johannes Homan
  • Peter Marinis


  • Jackie Maese
  • Sue Pak


  • Jacky Liang

Asst. Treasurer

  • Cori Lin

Director of Communication and Technology or Co-Directors of Communication and Technology

  • Mark Lion
  • Ivana Pur

Vice President of Fundraising or Co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising

  • Denice Balducci
  • Maxine Hynes

Grade Representatives/Class Parents:

K:                               TBD

1st:                             Andrea Ross Schrager

Amalia Suryani

2nd:                            Lily Mowry

Tiffany Nejat

3rd:                            Eleni Gage

Marina Kushnir

4th:                             Andrea Segarra

Julie Rosenberg

5th:                             Angela Myatt

Catherine Lee

2019-2020  SLT BOARD