Physical Education in September

Dear families,

Welcome back to school! For September, our students in grades K through 2 will participate in a spatial awareness/locomotors unit. In this unit, students will practice locomotors such as walking, skipping, galloping, side shuffles and jogging. In addition, students will learn the difference between personal and open space. We will practice movements in various shapes and directions such as zig zags, north/south, east/west and around curves. We will discuss key words such as physical education, exercise, health, movement and stamina.

Students must wear appropriate clothing and sneakers for physical education class. It is recommended that students bring a water bottle as well. If your child shows up to class unprepared multiple times, their participation grade will drop for the semester.

In the upper grades, students will participate in aerobic activities such as jogging, jumping rope, fitness circuits and soccer. Students in 4th and 5th grade will practice for the pacer test. The pacer test is a NYC Fitnessgram assessment that measures a students aerobic capacity.