2019-2020 Peer Mediation Program Information

2019-2020 Peer Mediation Program Information

PM Letter to Families 2019 G4-5

September 16, 2019

Dear Fourth and Fifth Grade Families,

We are proud to share that this year will be the eleventh year of the Peer Mediation Program at our school! The Peer Mediation Program is a unique attribute of our school with over thirty student-volunteers and about twenty Buddy Talks and mediations each year.

The Peer Mediation Program, like Lower Lab Cares and Morning Greeters, allows fourth and fifth graders with the opportunity to practice civic responsibility by giving back to the school community, while building strong leadership skills.  All Peer Mediators participate in a 2-hour long Peer Mediation Orientation and monthly meetings (during recess) where they are trained in the art of active listening, anxiety-taming techniques, perspective taking and other problem-solving skills from the Resolving Conflicts Creatively Program.

Last week, we visited fourth and fifth grade classrooms to share the goals and expectations of the Peer Mediation program, and to discuss the application process with all students.  Please be aware that all fourth and fifth grade students who are interested in becoming Peer Mediators are invited to complete a brief-application on Wednesday, September 18 (for all 4th graders) and Thursday, September 19 (for all 5th graders) during the recess-period (an announcement will be made in the morning to remind students). In the event that your child is absent on their assigned date, make-ups will take place on Friday, September 20, 2019. In preparation for the application process, we encourage you to discuss this volunteering opportunity with your child.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the Peer Mediation program.

Thank you,

Denise and Josh