September 18, 2019

Good Morning,

It was so nice to meet so many parents last week at Curriculum Night. I hope it was informative for everyone.  I know that a class contact list is in the works, so hopefully that will be distributed shortly. Remember that any change in dismissal must be sent to me in writing. Of course, if you have a question about something that wasn’t covered feel free to ask me via email.  I know I promised to put some information onto the website so here goes:

Here’s our weekly schedule:

Monday:  Music Group 1 /  PE Group 2

Tuesday: Math Team  /   Latin   / Music Group 2  /PE Group 1

Wednesday: Science  / Technology

Thursday:  Science

Friday:  Art   / Wingspan

As of today, we are caught up on forms from the first days of school.  Good job, everyone! We have begun our reading workshop and individual reading assessments are ongoing.  Until then, students are asked to only read books at level Tan or below.  Please be patient. You may remember that for a child to be “on level” their reading out loud should sound as good as yours.  If not, remind students what a passage should sound like, read it and have your child parrot that back.  Ten minutes of reading out loud a couple times a week should help. Ask pointed questions to check comprehension: What does the main character want? Why? What’s stopping him/her and how will she try to overcome the challenges? How do you think he/she feels? What makes you say/think that?

We are in the middle of our first writing unit.  Students are drafting their personal essays, focusing on structure and elaboration of ideas.

In Math, we are in review mode.  Primarily, we are reinforcing foundations of multiplication. As mentioned, students are expected to have “mastery” of multiplication facts up to 12X12.  Please make sure your child is practicing those facts regularly.

Social Studies begins with geography. We are reviewing mapping skills.  All children should know and spell the 5 boroughs, 7 continents, 5 oceans, and the rivers around Manhattan.  Soon, we’ll begin to learn the 50 states.  A quiz will be given at the end of this unit.

Finally, we will be assessing for word study groups soon and grammar books will be given out too.  Also, once the Math Team entrance test is given, that session will begin.

Thank you for your support,