5th Grade Practice Tasks Week of 9/23/19 to 9/30/19

Dear 5th Graders,

Here are the practice tasks for this week.

Essential Elements #48 – First, please practice this as written.  Next, practice #48 the following rhythms we worked on in class.  Pepperoni pizza and pop chicken nuggets pop.  If you were to rhythmically notate the pepperoni pizza rhythm it would be  four eighth notes and two quarter notes.  The pop chicken nuggets pop rhythm would be notated as a quarter note, four eighth notes, and a quarter note.  Please be mindful about the rests.

Essential Elements #49 – Practice #49 the same way you practice #48.

Essential Elements #73 – Make sure you are playing the rhythms in this piece correctly.  Notice which measures have which rhythms.  For example, the even measures (measures #2, 4, 6, and 8) have the pepperoni pizza rhythms, while the odd measures (1, 3, 5, and 7) have the pop chicken nuggets pop rhythm.

Essential Elements #74: 2/4 Time Signature – Practice conducting in 2/4 with a metronome.  Let’s say quarter equals 70 beats per minute.  You can search metronome on youtube or google if you do not have a metronome.  It’s remarkable how everything is now on the internet and sometimes free.

Essential Elements #75: Two by Two – 2/4 appears again in this piece.  Be mindful not to have a steady tempo.  Again, the metronome is your friend.  Please also make sure you are playing the notes in tune.  It might be a good idea to warm up with a D Major scale.  #65 can assist with this.

Extra Essential Elements #76: For Pete’s Sake – Practice running through the piece with the first and second ending.  In addition apply the concepts practiced in #74 and #75.

All the best,

Ms. Waldman