NDI: Friday

(This was also sent as an email from Claudia’s account. If you did not receive this as an email, you are not on the distribution email list we are using.  Please, email us so we can add you! ccoia@lowerlab.org & jmargolis@lowerlab.org)

Dear Families,

Reminder, Friday at 9:15am, in the auditorium, is our NDI presentation (dance).
Students do not have costumes, but there is a suggested color for each class (see below).  Students do not need to purchase anything for this and can wear whatever they have that is the closest to the request!
  • 5A-218 (Claudia’s homeroom): tops in the red family and black leggings/pants/shorts
  • 5B-220 (Jordyn’s homeroom): tops in the purples/blues family and black leggings/pants/shorts
Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions.
Claudia & Jordyn