NDI Action Needed Grades 2 and 5

Dear Lower Lab 2nd and 3rd Grade Families,
  • Tomorrow is the culminating performance of our two weeks of NDI Enrichment. We hope families can attend.
  • Please bring your entry pass for easy access into the building and keep in mind that the students will be finishing up their final rehearsal that morning up until 9:10 AM.
  • Important Seating Info – Our Kindergarten and 1st Grade students will be in attendance for our first show 9:15 AM and will be seated on the side sections of the auditorium (behind the 2nd-grade performers who will be seated in the first few rows on either side). We are not occupying the first row of the center section for our audience. Audience members can fill in all the center section past the first row.
  • Please support us by waiting outside until we give the go-ahead to enter the lobby and auditorium.
  • We are also reminding students about the color-coded shirts they were asked to wear for tomorrow’s performance. Here is the info below:

5-218 – Reds
5-220 – Purples/Blues
2-203 – Greens
2-206 – Oranges/Yellows

Thanks again for your continued support and see you at the show!