Physical Education in October

Dear families,

I hope you enjoyed the four day weekend. In October, our physical education program will continue to feature lessons that promote aerobic activities such as walking, skipping, galloping, side shuffling and jogging. In kindergarten and first grade, students will practice these movements during warm-up activities such as follow the leader, true and false, tag games and relays. Students will also practice eye-foot coordination by dribbling, passing and kicking balls in stations. We will conclude the eye-foot coordination unit by having students play number soccer games. In number soccer, there are two teams and each student is assigned a number for their team. When a number is called, players with that number come to the middle of the field and play soccer against eachother for a short period of time. they play The key vocabulary for this month will be aerobic, endurance, exercise, effort, heart and muscles.

In the 2nd and 3rd grade, students will participate in soccer circuits that review skills such as dribbling, passing, trapping, shootting, throw-ins and goal keeping. We will conclude the soccer unit by having students play in modified games such as lane soccer. In lane soccer, students can play offense and defense as long as they remain in their lane.


In 4th and 5th grade, students will play modified soccer games in their sports league teams. Each team will have a coach who designs the game plan and assigns positions to every member of his/her team. In the 4th grade, at least one member of each team will lead a warm-up routine at the start of the class.

The routine requires the following:

4 Stretches

2 Muscular Exercises

45 seconds of aerobic activity

Students will also participate in the fitnessgram pacer test on the week of October 7th and October 14th. To be considered in the healthy fitness zone, students need to complete at least 21 laps.


Please make sure your child brings a water bottle to PE

Please make sure your child wears PE appropriate clothing!