Art with Ms. Michelle

October 1, 2019

20190917_171344 (1)As school returned, Room 241 opened it’s door this past month to the hearts and minds of all of our students. It was amazing to watch the flow of artistic energy that embraced every child that entered their art studio. Enthusiasm was all abound as we created our first project;  a school-wide community mural. Students were given the opportunity to to be creative and invent new products for Crayola and Prang art supplies.

Illuminated Twilight Crayon

They literally thought “out of the box” with their ideas. Imagination was everywhere with developing new shades of blended colors that included exciting vibrant names and flavors for pastels. They even designed special tips on crayons to have magical things appear when they drew. Some students created crayons that could fly,  have a GPS signal or  programmed to sketch on the computer. Fascinating are the amazing minds of the future. So much fun.


Third grade created an “all about me” idea as they designed the apps for their cell phones. Once again the ideas were super imaginative as everyone worked together to build an exciting theme. The art instruction involved colors, line techniques with pens, negative space and shadows around the apps to make them more pronounced. Brilliant and successful.

Fourth grade also opened their eyes to tell their story as they created a t-shirt about themselves. This project is titled ” All About Me – Tee”. Originality, unique designs inspired by Pop artists, core values with a team spirit 20191002_113140and vibrant bold visuals made their art come alive. You can see this hanging on a clothes lines outside of the art room. Excellent.

Our current work across all grades is now portraiture. All classes are creating something about them20191002_113239selves, however in a new and different genre. Art lessons are about proportion, line designs, symmetry and learning to carefully observe what you see. This process involves drafting with small sketches as they all focus on the light and shadows of facial features. Please stay tuned; this will be on display in the upcoming weeks. Looking forward to an amazing and creative year ahead.