Digital Media, K-2

Kindergarten and first grade students are continuing to practice using the iPads to create a series of “About Me” projects. Using the app Seesaw, students are getting used to logging in to their specific class and to check their Seesaw journals for the work they have already completed. These first projects are based around basic iPad functionality such as taking pictures, using a variety of drawing tools, as well as adding text to their projects.

Second grade students have begun to use the typing tutor program available by visiting

Students are highly encouraged to practice their typing at home, as keyboarding is an essential skill that will make their lives much easier and improve their writing skills. As I tell the students, you want to be able to focus on your ideas while you are writing instead of focusing on finding the key you need to press.

In order to log into the typing tutor accounts, visit and select “Log In With Google”.

Students can then log in using the Google account provided by Lower Lab. Every student’s username follows the same pattern. As an example, the hypothetical student username below would follow the pattern for all second grade students that will graduate in 2023.

Name of imaginary second grade student: John Doe

Imaginary student username:

Password for all students: student77