Kindergarten Memo

Hi Families!

It has been a wonderful start to the school year.  We have been getting to know each other and working really hard on all of our classroom routines and procedures.  It is so exciting to be in Kindergarten and we have an amazing class this year!

We want to tell you a little bit about what we have been up to so far…


We are in our first unit of reading! Some of the reading strategies we have learned so far include:

  • Reading a book cover-to-cover
    • Front to back
    • Top to bottom
    • Left to right
  • We can learn from pictures and words
  • Good Readers:
    • Read cover to cover (first page, then the next, and the next…until the end)
    • Slow down (we don’t rush or skip pages)
    • Re-read to notice more and learn new things
    • Put one book in the middle and take turns reading with a partner
    • Share Wow! Parts and talk about the book with partners


We are in our first unit of writing! Some of the writing strategies we have learned so far include:

  • Putting ideas onto paper
    • Picturing a topic, putting all the details onto paper
  • Creating stories
    • Drawing and writing about topics we know a lot about
    • Going back and adding more to our pictures and words
  • Carrying on as independent writers
    • Solving our own problems


As part of our daily morning routine, the children are enjoying our Calendar math work.  This includes components of recognizing numbers, counting how many days we have been in school, and counting to take attendance. We are also exploring math manipulatives (unifix cubes, geoblocks, and pattern tiles) counting and sorting objects, describing attributes and creating equivalent sets.  We are also playing a lot of math games, like Roll and Record (with dice) and Compare (with cards.) All of the students should be able to explain how to play both games….so ask them about it 🙂


Social Studies

We are learning about communities and all the people involved in our school community


We are learning all about animals.  Students are learning about life cycles and classifying animals.


We are learning about respect and following classroom rules.  We are learning about saying please, thank you, keeping our hands/feet to ourselves, waiting our turns, sharing, listening and following directions.


Miss Tracy & Miss Sophia