5th Grade Practice Tasks for 10/3/19 to 10/13/19

Dear 5th Grade Families, 

I hope you all enjoyed the two days off from school.  Here are the practice tasks for this upcoming week.  

Essential Elements #62 Down the D Major Scale – Please make sure every note sounds in tune.  It is best to work on the first four measures then work on the last four measures or vice versa.  Once you think your confident with your intonation in the first four measures and the last four measures, you can play the entire piece.  

Essential Elements #74 Rhythm Rap –  It’s a good idea to clap the rhythm before you play it.  Once you are confident with clapping, then you can play it on open D string.  Next, you can play this as a D Major scale like we did in class. Each measure gets its individual note.  

Essential Elements #75 Two by Two – Practice backwards.  Work on two measures at a time.  Make sure the rhythm and intonation is accurate.  Go at a tempo you know you can play with accuracy.  You can youtube search a metronome and you will get results.  A nice tempo to start practicing this piece would be 70 bpm (beats per minute).  

Essential Elements #76 For Pete’s Sake – Same idea as #75.  Remember you play this piece two times through.  It would be good to practice going from the first ending to the beginning, playing it through, and then playing the second ending to finish.  

All the best, 

Ms. Waldman