Yearly Reminder – Attendance is Key for Middle School Applications

Please be aware that there will be no way to alter your attendance next year if you notice an error after the last days of school. Keep this in mind throughout the year!  It is imperative that families review all attendance discrepancies before June 26th, 2020.  Our School Aide William Washington does not work over the summer but can assist with any discrepancies that might come up throughout the year. ATS (Our Attendance System) can not be updated after the last day of school. If you come in next year in September with a change due to lack of doctor’s note or explanation William will be unable to assist as the system locks after June 26th.

How can you check your attendance?

1.   Log on to your NY Account. This is the account where you check your test scores and everyone should already have this info and password to log on so that they can check State Test Scores.

2.   Go to the attendance section and you will see all the days your child has been out.

3.   Please note that absences are not excused but explained. This means if you have a doctor’s note there is an explanation for the absence but that absence or lateness is not removed. Attendance is a legal document. 

4.   Attendance might impact your middle school applications. You may go on to the individual school’s websites to view that Middle School’s rubric for a more in-depth admissions guideline profile.

5.   If you have any issues with what you see on your NY Account attendance page please email William Washington in the Main Office. If you can not get into your NY Account email Gina ans she will reset your account.