5th Grade Practice Tasks for 10/15/19 to 10/21/19

Dear 5th Grade Families, 

Here are the practice tasks for this upcoming week.  Just a reminder, it is Lower Lab’s policy for students to practice 50 minutes a week.  I recommend doing 10 minutes a day for five days a week to be consistent and for fast results.  

Essential Elements #55 – 57 – We should be fluid at transitioning from one note to the next.  This is a good review in case you have forgotten how to play certain notes on the D and A strings.  

Essential Elements #71 – I suggest practicing with a metronome.  Remember the tempo is Andante so I would not go any faster than 72 – 76 beats per minute.  You can type in metronome 72 bpm on youtube and you will get a lot of options. Remember two eighth notes has to fit into one click.  

Essential Elements #76 – Please be mindful about the rests.  It is also a good idea to practice with a metronome. I would say to practice this at 80 beats per minute.  

Essential Elements #88 – The goal is to be confident with our own playing that way we can play it in a round in multiple parts, possibly in four groups :).  It sounds really satisfying to play a round in four groups, but we have to be confident with ourselves and know our own parts, so we can accomplish this.  

Thank you, 

Ms. Waldman