4th Grade Practice Tasks from 11/4/19 to 11/17/19

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Below I have listed the practice tasks for the next two weeks.

Essential Elements #17 to 22 –  I know this may sound a lot, but it’s actually not.  Each piece has the notes we have learned just in different orders.  First, say the notes and how to play them before actually playing them if you are struggling to play and read at the same time.

Bow Hold – Keep working on these.  I don’t want anyone injuring themselves for not holding the bow correctly.  I have attached pictures on how to hold the bow.  It would be a good idea to print the picture of the bow hold according to the instrument you play and tape it close to where you practice.  On the side of your mirror might be a good idea that way you can look at the picture and literally reflect if you are holding the bow correctly.

download-8                            download-6

For cellists and bassists                                                  For violinists and violists.


Thank you,

Ms. Waldman