Dear Families,

October was another great month! We had a great time on our trip. I am looking forward to speaking with you all at Parent Teacher Conferences. If you have not already signed up, please use the following link and entry code to do so:


Entry Code: 1401290796

Here are some updates and what is coming up in the next month:

In reading, we are transitioning into book partnerships in fiction books. This will continue our work around fiction texts and ensure students continue using the skills and strategies taught during this first unit while we transition into reading non-fiction. Students have been paired with a partner and will be reading the same book with their partner. In partnerships, students will have meaningful conversations with their partner about their text around the ideas of character, character relationships, theme, and other ideas and will be setting goals for number of pages read each night so the partnerships are reading the same amount and are increasing their volume. Partnerships will meet two to three times a week and will read this book at home independently for reading homework. Simultaneously, we will also continue our work around reading non-fiction texts, taking notes, determining importance and the main idea in non-fiction texts as we read. This will happen both in non-fiction books of their choice and embedded into our work in social studies.

In writing, students will be continuing their work on literary essay. Each time a book partnership completes a book, it is their job to write a reading response. This will provide students will repeated practice of writing literary essays, identifying important ideas and themes and supporting their ideas with text evidence, crucial skills in fourth grade. Simultaneously, students will be beginning our Native American research-based essay. In this essay, students will be developing their skills of using notes to write a compare and contrast based essay about two Native American tribes. I’ve attached the outline for this project to this post here. Native American Research Paper – 4-245 We will be working on this project slowly. Please support your child at home by helping him or her with her research, mini-project and (when we get to it) providing time for typing of his or her essay.

In Social Studies, we will focus our attention on the Native Americans and this Native American essay and project. We take a deep dive into Native Americans and develop both students’ content knowledge around these people and the ability to use notetaking skills to develop ideas and an essay around social studies content knowledge.

We will also be showcasing some of what we have learned in our Wingspan showcase on Friday, November 22, 2019. Our class’s showcase will be at 9:10 AM. We hope to see you there.

In Math, we have spent more time developing and strengthening the strategies students have around multiplication and division and the relationship between the two. It is critical that students know their multiplication facts. Please continue to practice these at home with your students if they do not confidently know all their facts up to 12×12. We will spend some time in November reviewing area and perimeter and then will move on to adding and subtracting fractions. We will spend about a week reviewing area and perimeter and will transition into our study of fractions shortly there after.

Finally, please continue to support students bringing all their materials to school each day. Remember that CML is a challenge that is meant to push students thinking but not meant to be easy. It is important that students are exposed to challenging problems and build skills around ways to solve these as such.

I look forward to meeting with you all during parent teacher conferences.