First Grade November 2019 Update

Dear First Grade Families,

We are all having a great time in First Grade!  It was so wonderful to see so many parents at the publishing party.  The kids absolutely adored sharing their hard work with each and every one of you!  We wanted to update you on some of the exciting things that we are learning in First Grade.

In reading, we have been doing the exciting work of becoming “Word Detectives.” This unit is all about supporting your children’s word solving skills in a way that feels joyful and fun.  Children are being asked to be on the alert for difficult words, using what they know to solve those words, and checking their attempts to make sure their reading “makes sense.”  Some strategies you may overhear your children discussing: looking slowly and closely, studying words from the beginning all the way to the end, searching for snap words and scooping up words to make reading sound smoother, among many others.  In addition, children are working to be supportive and collaborative peers as reading buddies.  This unit strengthens their partnerships, asking them to monitor each other and encourage one another to solve tricky words, using the strategies we are currently teaching.

In Writer’s Workshop we have begun studying Expository Writing.  The children will soon begin to write many “Expert Books”.  We will learn that we are all experts and we can write well about these topics to teach others. We are all teachers!  Our classrooms are abuzz with all of the different topics that spark interest.  We can overhear conversations about the circus, chess, Diwali and much much more!  Each of the children will choose topics that they know a great deal about and will break their topics down into at least 5 important sections.  They will begin to include headings, introductions and conclusions.  In this unit, students will learn about elements used in writing a non-fiction text such as, a table of contents, chapters, bold words, diagrams with labels, headings & subheadings, etc… Students will be experimenting with various forms of paper used when writing non-fiction-all about books.

The focus of our Math unit is on observing and describing defining attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes.  This math unit also develops ideas about equal parts of a whole, focusing specifically on partitioning and describing halves, fourths and thirds of one whole.  Students will also be working to understand that the same equal parts of a whole can be different shapes.  For example, a square could be broken in fourths using 4 triangles or 4 smaller squares!  You might be hearing some very fancy vocabulary words such as: vertices, faces, edges and angles.  We will also continue to work on the fluency of our doubles facts within 20 & adding and subtracting within 100 with ease. We continue to work towards developing and understanding operations of addition and subtraction, and developing accurate and efficient strategies for solving these problems.

We are all really looking forward to beginning our Mystery Reader tradition.  At Parent Teacher Conferences there will be a sign up sheet for Miss Sarah’s class.  The sign up sheet is online for Miss Kristin’s class. You should have received the  information for Miss Kristin’s class this week.  Each family is permitted to sign up for ONE date.

We are really looking forward to seeing everyone at parent teacher conferences next week!

As always thank you so much for all of your support!  Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, and our delights.

All the best,

Kristin and Sarah